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Real time emotion based music player Using CNN


Nowadays, people tend to increasingly have more stress because of economy,high living expenses, work pressures and other. Listening to music is a keyactivity that assists to reducestress. However, it may be unhelpful if the music does not suit the current emotion of the listener.Moreover, there is no music player itis able to select songs based on theuser emotion. To solve this problem, we havecome up with an idea of emotion-based music player, will be able to suggest songs based on the user emotions;i.e., sad, happy, neutral and angry. Facialexpression, being a fundamental mode of communicating human emotions, finds its application in human computerinteraction, health care, surveillance, drivesafety, deceit detection. Emotion based music playeris a novel approach that helps the user to automatically play songs based onthe emotions of the user. It recognizes the facial emotions of the user andplays the songs according to their emotion. The emotions are recognized using amachine learning method Convolution neural network(CNN) algorithm. CNN image classification models takes an input image, process it andclassify it under certain categories (Happy, Sad, Angry, Fear, Neutral etc).This model is connected with a web app through Flask. Flask is usedfor developing web applications using python.

Keywords: Facial-expressiondetection, mood classification, machine learning.

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